MÁXIMO GONZÁLEZ at Scarborough Town Center for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018

Nuit Blanche.Toronto 2018

La Nuit Blanche.Toronto 2018 
Máximo González. Walk Among Worlds
Saturday, September 29  7 pm to 7 am

On Saturday, September 29, the all-night celebration of contemporary art transforms Scarborough with City-produced exhibitions including large-scale installations such as Máximo González’s Walk Among Worlds, plus sculpture, music, dance, and films by local, national and international artists.


The 13th edition of Nuit Blanche Toronto presents over 75 contemporary art projects by more than 300 local, national and international artists. Nuit Blanche Toronto is a free, annual, city-wide celebration of contemporary art, produced by the City of Toronto in collaboration with Toronto’s arts community.
For one sleepless night, from sunset to sunrise (Sat, Oct 29 7 PM – Sun, Oct 30 7 AM) Toronto is transformed into an artistic playground for a series of exhilarating contemporary art experiences in unexpected public spaces.
Maximo Gonazlez will present his immersive installation “Walk among worlds”, and the performance “Flag-bearers” at Scarborough Town Center.
Scarborough Town Centre-300 Borough Drive-Lower Level, Centre Court-suitable for all ages
- This project will be extended until October 8th during regular mall hours -


“For the edition of Toronto Nuit Blanche 2018, I fell attracted by the possibility of making the installation of “Walk among worlds”(*) in Scarborough Town Center and including, as a parallel event, a performance to be carried out by many volunteers. According to a choreography that we’ll develop, the volunteers will carry dry trees in the same manner that flag-bearers carry flags (**). The connection between “Walk among worlds” -colorful multi-sized breathing globes which portray the contemporary political division of the planet- next to a ‘parade’ of volunteers carrying dry trees as if they were carrying flags, can produce a powerful awakening of ecological, political, social, and artistic dimensions.” – Maximo Gonzalez for L’officiel USA.
(*) “Walk among worlds” was presented at Enredados in Casa de America, Madrid (2011), Fowler Museum UCLA, Los Angeles CA (2012), Casa Tomada, San Salvador (2013), Scotiabank Toronto Nuit Blanche (2014), Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara, MX (2014), GACX Xalapa, Veracruz, MX (2015), Chalk The Block, El Paso TX (2015), Inlight, Richmond, VA (2017)

(**) “Flag-bearers” (Manifesto (flagman trees)) was supported by the Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center and premiered in July 2016 as part of the outdoor exhibition Five Hour Sculpture.


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